Grab A Spoon!

I wanted to hop on and give a quick little update on my progress with my 131 Method journey! As you may know if you’ve read my previous posts this journey of relearning me and what works for me nutritionally has been about more than just food! I’ve learned some valuable life lessons along the way and the start of this week which is week 7 has been no different!
The third week in each of the phases of this program include a fasting week. I’m not new to fasting but I’ve learned a lot of how fasting can benefit your health. Due to my history of eating disorders I won’t do the complete no food fast unless God himself calls me to do it because that just opens a whole new keg or worms! I do however follow along with the OMAD fast which is One Meal A Deal. Fasting down the right way brings so many beneficial things to your health unless you have medical reasons why you should NOT I would encourage you to look into it! Fasting clears both my head and my heart and just as my stomach/gut has time to rest and reset my mind/heart has a chance to clear away distractions.
During this weeks fasting time it has had me thinking how often we take life and the little things for granted. We can get so distracted with the distractions, work, and life in general that we forget to look up and look around to see all that we are truly blessed with! I don’t want to be that way! God breathed into me life and I don’t want to squander it away!

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.

If life is to be enjoyed then that means I can’t go around eating broccoli everyday and expect to have a smile on face. Don’t get me wrong … I love my green veggies but into everyones life some Ice Cream must fall!

2018-06-18-20-20-24I have felt no depravation following this program because I’m concentrating on works for me! You may happen to be one of those lucky people that can eat gallons of this stuff and never gain an ounce and if so I lift my spoon to you and salute!

This ice cream is however 131 method approved and let me tell you…. soooooo delish I had to smack the spoon out of my own hand! You can find the recipe on my Facebook page!
So far my weight has remained down by about 7 pounds and honestly I don’t have much more weight to lose but this journey has been a lot more about my overall health! I decided along time ago to ditch the scales and never be dictated by that number. Scales are excellent for a guide but don’t get stuck on that number! I went into this with the mindset of “If I lose weight then great but if not oh well”! My hormonal, internal and emotional health with food was far more important to me!
I wish now I had taken better before pics (one the left) but I didn’t! The results of this program are remarkable and I will never look at dieting the same! Abs truly are made in the kitchen!

In this life we are not promised an easy path free from problems, heartache or trouble but I’m grabbing my spoon and choosing to look for the sprinkles and digging in!


Grab a spoon and dig in my friends!

On Your Mark!

Although I’m not an avid runner I have run several 5k’s in the past but my 47 year old knees just won’t allow me to run long distances any longer. I’m fascinated with runners though, there dedication, discipline and zeal inspire me and I often have runners envy but power walking is just about all the speed I have these days!

I do my own Stunts! 😉



Before writing this post I did a little research behind a runners mindset and it fits right in with some of the things I’m dealing with in life right now. These are 10 things that successful runners have in common….

  1. See Success
  2. Stay Positive
  3. Be Present
  4. Push On
  5. Don’t Panic
  6. Own Your Zone
  7. Project Confidence
  8. Manage Discomfort
  9. Evaluate Progress
  10. Develop Selective Amnesia

After reading through those I nearly bawled like a baby on number 10! Why? Because in life developing selective amensia is a must! You’re probably wondering how does any of this have to do with my 131 method update but just hang on I’m going somewhere with all of this! In these last 4 weeks I can look back over this list and see how I went wrong. Not in my journey with food but in matters of the heart.
It should never surprise any of us what we are capable of doing when we are vulnerable and let our guard down but I’ve shocked the H.. E … double hockey sticks out of myself! Ignore all the grammatical mistakes in the next phrase and those to follow but my heart is full right now and bursting with words——> I stopped seeing my success, I stopped being positive of the good things God has promised to me, I stopped being present, I stopped at the fork in the road and quit pushing through, I panicked, I got out of my own zone and into someone else’s, my confidence was thrown to the side, I managed my discomfort through rationalization, I didn’t stop to evaluate my progress and how far I’d come and NOW I’m having to develop that selective amnesia!
I’ve learned that mindset is everything going through this program and that even though there are no food rules to adhere to I still have to stop and evaluate the consequences of my choices! Oh I can eat that brownie but how is it going to make me feel afterwards and is it worth it? Will eating it throw off all my hard work I’ve already put in? I’m happy to report that I did eat the brownie pictured below and I’ve lived to tell about it! That’s why I’m so passionate about this program! This is my diet, my journey and I’m learning day by day what works for me and my philosophy has always been… everything in moderation! After my little splurge this weekend I’m still intact and moving right along but unfortunately the choices we make in life don’t pan out as well!


Through my own selfish choices I’ve hurt someone I’ve become very fond of and those choices have trickled down the path and hurt others innocently standing by! This is where I’m above and beyond thankful for God’s mercy and grace! Unfortunately my ‘I’m Sorry” won’t fix it but I pray the verse that says He works ALL things for our good will accomplish things that my words can’t! I’ll cling tightly to and let this truth sink in deeply …Genesis 50:20 “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives”.
I had my “brownie” and for that moment it was sweet and good but I’m so grateful that God’s hold on me is greater because that “brownie” moment could’ve turned into something much more indulgent! I’m back on my mark now and it’s time to see my success, stay positive, be present, push on, don’t panic, stay in my own zone, project confidence, manage my discomfort, evaluate my progress and allow God to develop that selective amnesia! He’s good that way! He firmly yet tenderly puts us back on the right path every time!!

This first week of the Nourish Phase has been a good one! My weight is still down, I’m starting to see a little muscle definition from the weight lifting and I’m feeling great! Yes, I ate the brownie but I’ve eaten the good things a lot more! I’m thankful it’s watermelon season because I think I could literally eat my weight in them!




Annnnnnd bulletproof coffee is always on the menu!

I hope this week finds you in good favor! Remember though that your enemy does indeed lurk around seeking whom he may devour but never forget no mistake or failure is ever FATAL! There is always hope, forgiveness and grace to pick yourself back up and get back on your mark! Stay the course friends whether that be a course of eating better, exercising more, developing a positive attitude or everyday life occurrences! STAY THE COURSE…. It’s worth it!


Traci With An i

Last month I binged watched all 10 episodes of the new Cobrai Kai series and just last night I re-watched every episode with friends who indulged my Karate Kid Love! You honestly didn’t have to twist my arm though because I’ll take any opportunity for my eyes to gaze upon William Zabka! (Hubba Hubba) Watching the series brought back fond memories of when the original Karate Kid opened in theaters in 1984! I can still hear the excited screams that came from me, my younger sister and my cousin when we won tickets to the premier from a call in radio contest! 

There is a scene in the movie where Daniel Larusso is flirting with his new crush Ali on the soccer field. As she schools him a bit on some fancy soccer moves she turns to walk away and Daniel asks for her name. She then turns around and replies back cutely “It’s Ali with an i”.


I found this sweatshirt at Target last year and every time I put it on I can’t help but be reminded about this scene! I’m not going to do some fancy footwork with my baby watermelon but that brings me to why we are here today. It’s time to move to the next phase in my 131 Method journey! 



Nourish Phase here I come! 


This last week has been prep week for the Nourish phase. While I thoroughly enjoyed the first phase with it’s ketogenic properties It’s been interesting learning more about the micro nutrients that my body needs to run at its optimal best! This last week has been one of prepping for this week and I will be incorporating more fruits and vegetables and less animal products. I will still watch my macro range but not have the tight grip on it as I had in the first phase. These next three weeks I will concentrate on eating more intuitively and start adding back things I eliminated in the first phase to test for  food sensitivity.

That’s the beauty of this program! You are studying you and what works for you! Where I may eat and enjoy a juicy apple that same apple may cause you indigestion distress! We are all created so wonderfully unique and our diets were never meant to be one big boring same ole same ole thing everyday! Our diets just like our seasons were made to phase! 

So as I step into the next phase I’m reminded that change is indeed good! Change is necessary if you are ever going to grow and who doesn’t want to grow? It’s not always welcomed, it’s doesn’t always feel like a warm fuzzy kitten and it’s not always comfortable but if you allow it to do it’s job you will find yourself standing taller and stronger than before! Speaking of stronger …. These next three weeks I’m picking back up my weights! I was kinder to myself this last phase due to the lower carb intake but it is now time pick these babies back up and CHANGE it up! 


In my sophomore year in high school I took it upon myself to change the spelling of my name. I dropped the y in Tracy and added an i. Why? I really don’t know other then I remember thinking that I wanted to change it to be different than all the other Tracy’s I knew. I haven’t always embraced the changes that life has thrown at me but what I learned when I stopped fighting them and grew through them was that the view from the top of that hill that once seemed insurmountable is truly breathtaking! God has carefully, strategically and tenderly changed a lot more in me than just my name and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything! 

Is life throwing you some changes? What changes do YOU need to make? It’s often that first step that’s a doozy but once you do you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! 

29820b93ee63ffc5e937dbf6f94ecf90June is here and new months and new days are my favorite! They are filled with new challenges, changes and chances so hang on and embrace them, learn from them and grow because that’s where the adventure begins! Hey…. a change will do you good! 


 Traci with an i! 😉 


Off To Great Places!

Happy Memorial day! I’m most thankful and grateful for all who have sacrificed their lives for my freedom!

I’ve arrived at week 4 and getting ready to set sail on the first week of phase 2 on the 131!  Woot Woot! To tell you all that I’ve learned these last 4 weeks in phase one of the 131 Method would take me writing a novel but we will keep it short and sweet on blog level!   I was even a little giddy talking to a friend last night and heard myself using the word glycogen and explained what it meant and what it did! I’m pretty sure my brain has grown several wrinkles and I felt pretty smart and a little sassy being able to give her the lowdown on how are bodies go from burning glycogen to burning fat! It’s still a bit of a mystery to me but IT WORKS!!!! 

This week I start preparing for the next phase which is entitled Nourish. I’m eager to dive right in and put more testing to work to see what it is that keeps my system operating 100% ! It’s Monday, It’s a new day, It’s a new week and I’m off to great places! Do I always wake up with this much pep in my step? Yes….yes I do! I am unashamedly a morning person and have always had that sort of energy that comes naturally to me but after these last 4 weeks that energy is off the hook! My sleep has been great and I’ve learned my no caffeine after 5 lesson so no late night tossing and turning! Trying to capture early morning silly energy on camera is just not possible! They were supposed to denote……..

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”






My diet this week has been pretty much consistent with the things I’ve found convenient and have accustomed to. Things likes eggs. spinach, bullet proof coffee, and my new love…..FAT BOMBS! These babies are packed full of healthy fats galore and will have you thinking that you are totally cheating! Who doesn’t love chocolate? Can we just take a moment of silence and take this is in?


If there has been any lesson I’ve learned over the last 4 weeks it is that you cannot let fear be the dictator in your life! When you hand over the coaches whistle to that little bully it will completely keep you from enjoying life and becoming what you were designed to do! Don’t let it stop you from stepping out of that comfort zone and trying something new because I almost never took this journey and I almost missed out on something that is rocking my world! Take that step, take that leap, set that goal and just do it! What do you do when fear whispers in your ear …”What if you fail”? You whisper back… “Oh but darling what if I fly”!


Here are my 4 week results! My mind has been blown and can’t wait to for the next phase! I’ve decided that I’m a 131 oner for life! 

Collage 2018-05-27 07_22_54~4.jpg

Yes…. You’re off to great places so get going! 


Cue the music, dim the lights and this sounds like some dramatic title of a movie huh? Say the word perplexed enough and it starts sounding like something other than a word and kind of just morphs into a sound but it was definitely my word/sound for last week!  Perplexed — completely baffled; very puzzled.
This past week has been week 2 since starting the 131 Method and I sit there in my bed every morning scratching my head with this look on my face and asking how can all of this possibly work but I tell you…. it does! You see that face? That’s the face of true  perplexity at it’s finest! Okay … well maybe now I’m being a bit dramatic! Cue the music again and I think I use exclamation marks too much but oh well! 😉


I’ve read, studied and soaked in each lesson this week and am learning so much that it times it’s a bit overwhelming. It’s a good thing that I’m such a nerd when it comes to learning about the human body and how it is designed to work. It’s my passion and I love delving into studies about the science behind food chemistry, exercise and how it affects us all differently. It’s crazy that we have come to believe that there is a one diet fits all approach to lasting health. We are all created so wonderfully complex and are unique there’s no way that the way I eat fits the way you should eat! This program has blown my mind and has been a God send at this stage in my life. It’s not only brought me wisdom but most importantly…. freedom!

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that 70% of my diet these last two weeks have come from healthy fats and I’ve felt like a new person!  Y’all I put real butter in my coffee every morning and whip it into a luscious, creamy and frothy experience. Isn’t  there a song about “Whip It”? Anyway…..I enjoy avocados like they’re going out of style and the beauty of this is that there is no deprivation! There’s not a meal plan to follow or cute containers to count. This is the study of one and that one is YOU! You become the detective in your own journey determining what works for you! 

I’m positive you’ve heard it said that abs are made in the kitchen and I’m starting to believe it! ….. Okay so I’ll never have abs of steel but that’s not my goal. My goal is health! I desire to feel good from the inside and I believe that if everything is working as it should be then it will show on the outside.
I don’t dare measure my success by the number on that evil scale. It works fine as a guide but don’t listen to everything it’s digital little bullying flashing number self flashes up in your face! I’ve found that measuring my success by how my clothes feel, how I feel on the inside and progress pics is the way to go!


When I decided to jump into this program with both feet, journal about it and not look back or cower in fear I didn’t quite expect all the benefits I would reap. My energy is phenomenal, my weight is down (even though that was not my goal) the bloat is gone, my hunger and sugar cravings are in control (What?) and lets talk about sleep people. I SLEEP… well, except for that one night that I decided coffee was a good idea after 5 p.m. I’m pretty sure that was the night though I learned that my 30 year high school reunion is next year! Talk about being perplexed! How did 30 years happen so fast? It’s just not possible because I still feel like that 17 year old big haired blonde acid washed jean wearing girl that used to sing along to Jon Bon Jovi at the top of her lungs every chance she got! I needed a friend that night to comfort my 47 year old hurt feelings and Coffee was there… Coffee speaks to me… Coffee knows me! It’s one of those lessons that I never seem to learn though….. NO caffeine after 5! I’m always “Livin On a Prayer” over here! 

As I take a glance over the lessons this week there will be challenges but I’m a sucker for challenges that stretch me! I’m determined to look past the opposition and push through the to the other side into Phase 2. Will I still have that perplexed look on my face a week from now? I don’t know but I’m eager to find out so stay tuned! 

I’m no expert in the field of health and fitness but it’s my heart to help people in their struggles with weight loss and it’s my goal to make it an easy every day thing. I’d love nothing more than to be your cheerleader. I wouldn’t be the kind that would swat my pom poms in your face at breakfast when you reach for that donut …even though I think that would be pretty fun… I would however cheer you on to victory! Hey… maybe I just invented a new career….. Food Choice Cheerleader! Traci Wink FCC….. Food Cheerleader Extraordinaire?! I would do that in heart beat and would love every minute of it because I LOVE taking care of people! It would be my pleasure to pom pom and rah rah you to better health!  Hmmmmm…. you need a cheerleader?  🤔


Monday’s are drudgery for most but I love the newness of each day, week, month and year! It allows us all for that fresh start! Week 2 is in the books and I’m ready for week 3 to begin! My friends I lift my spoon in a toast to you for a great week, your health and your happiness ……Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom, Ba……. till next time! 

131 Method Cookie Dough!

Does This Avocado Make Me Look Fat?

Pssst.. Hey you… yea you… I’ve been on a mission this last week and I’ve kind of kept it a secret! I decided when I accepted this mission that I would it give it a full week before I spilled the beans because before any guinea pig reveals her mission she must first be ready to give an honest report of how that mission has affected her. I will never be that person that endorses something unless I’ve tried it myself first, experienced the results and believe that is of value to share.

If you happen to look back over my later posts you’ll learn that I’m a supporter of the 131 Method. It’s not something new to me and I’ve actually been looking back at last year at this time when I was in the beta test group. This non diet approach and study of one is chock full with so much science and information from doctors, registered dietitians and experts that it is mind boggling! I remember soaking in every lesson, article and interview and thinking wow where has this been all of my life but even though I was presented with all of this truth I hesitated. Why? Well… if I’m to be completely honest I would have to tell you it is FEAR! What did I have to be afraid of? I was afraid it was just another “magic” program, I was afraid it wouldn’t work and what I feared the most was allowing myself to consume a large amount of healthy fats which is suggested in the first 3 three weeks.

Yep…. I’m afraid of fat! It goes against everything my diet mentality mind has ever learned! One of the most valuable things I’ve learned through this program is that mind set is everything! The old school diet mentality has been the hardest to kick but this on again off again fad diet girl has tried just about everything when it comes to conventional diets, weightloss, exercise programs, protein shakes and meal plans to the point that at the beginning of this year I hit major burn out!! After 37 years it was due and yes, I’m sad to say that I’ve been “dieting” since about the age of 10!
After the 131 Method officially launched the latter part of 2017 I was beside myself with excitement and could not wait to get started! I came out of the shoot running with eagerness and after just 3 weeks I was blown away with my results! The first pic was actually taken just after I had finished an intense 3 week workout program with a meal plan. When I began week one of 131 I stopped exercising except for restorative exercise such as walking, pilates and some light yoga and as the pics show my body needed that break. Proof is in the pudding here folks! Even exercise can cause your body inflammation!

So what happened after the first 3 weeks? Well……….. that’s where that story ends and this story begins. I got scared! I allowed myself to become paralyzed with fear of the healthy fat I was consuming and so just like many of the other programs I had ventured out on I sabotaged myself, quit because of fear and ran right back to another “magic” program! Fear is such a liar! I had all the truth, proof and science of study after study right in front of me but I resisted! I continued to watch, read and listen to all of the lessons, interviews and articles but I told myself I couldn’t do it.
Fast forward through a lot of frustration, aggravation and even some depression to May 4, 2018 and you can hear me pray….. Dear God help me!!! It was my cry for help that led me back to the 131 Method in which I believe He led me to last year but in my own stubbornness I refused.

May 7th was my first day back in the ring but I when I prayed that prayer I told God I was going into to this round differently! I was tired of starting something and not finishing it so my 47 year old hormonal mess self set out to not only try but FINISH! I didn’t have anything to lose so why not jump in with both feet and honestly TRY! There was something different about this time around though. I went into this for my health only! I did not set out to lose weight or be chained to what the scales told me but I was doing this for my health because my hormones are a mess and completely unbalanced! This was the turning point for me and it was that mind set that has gotten me through the first week without stress and fear!

Ya’ll I can’t even begin to tell you all that has happened in one short week! I wake up everyday scratching my head and thinking how is it that this works? I mean I’ve consumed more calories, eaten past 6 o’clock, consumed large amounts of healthy fats and even lessened my exercise and even though weight loss was NOT the goal I have lost 2-3 pounds! My sleep is sound, I’m not agitated, flustered, my RETAIL job is enjoyable and even my anxiety is at an all time low! I’ve cried happy tears because slowly but surely I’m feeling like Traci again! I knew it was time to take the bull by the horns because this menopause journey I’m on is not for the faint of heart! What better time to jump in and do this when my mind, body and spirit need this the most!
It’s only week ONE! I’ve have eaten avocados, grass fed butter in my coffee (don’t knock till you try it because I used to think ewwww too) I’ve enjoyed my eggs with the yolks and even snuck in some chocolate! What?!? To say I’m excited is an understatement because the foodie geek has been giddy learning about the science behind what we eat and how it affects us. Stay tuned because this journey of mine is not over!
Week 2 is on the horizon and I’m kicking any fear in teeth that gets in my way! I just finished watching all 10 episodes of the new Cobrai Kai series and I’ve decided that Challenge Johnson is my sensei! The fear of healthy fat doesn’t exist in this dojo my friend and oh….. can you please pass the butter? 28379106_10156135734833879_2954553691996685068_n

Hey Girl!!

It’s been 42 days since my last post and how is my Obsession going? I’m not obsessed… not even a little! In fact I’ve become just the opposite… I’m disgusted!

I’ve got a huge confession to make and it might make a few of you squirm or even stare at me strangley out of the corner of your eye but honesty is always the best policy. I’m not proud of it and it took this last straw to break this camels back. I’ve come to the realization that over the last several years I’ve made health, fitness and food an idol in my life. It’s consumed me, my mind, my wallet, my social media posts and my time. Over the course of the last decade of my life I’ve chased hard after the perfect formula and the magic solution to my quest of the perfect size only obtaining a two steps forward and 8 steps back defeat. The truth is I’m tired, I’m parched and dry as a bone!

In my restless searching for perfect health I left God out of the equation. I forfieted his word for everyone else’s and turned my back on his wisdom.

Do I believe he cares about our health and how we take care of ourselves? Absolutely but I believe we can get consumed with the seemingly innocent good things so easily that before we know it even the good becomes bad for us! Is kale holier than ice cream? No! I believe either one in excess can make you sick and not benefit you anything. I’ve become a huge fan of a thing called balance! It’s not complicated, it’s not all meat and cheese, it’s not all veggies and praise God it includes some sugar!

The straw that finally broke me and brought me back running to him for forgiveness was an inside look of Beachbody coaching. I’m not gonna go into product bashing because I do love their programs and some of their products. What I don’t like is their approach and the price tag they attach to it in the name of health. This last time wasn’t the first time I had attempted it but it was however the last! Once you’re on the inside your eyes are open to the world of scripted sales pitches (yes, that’s what they are) to all the insides and outs of how to approach potential victims! You’re taught the “Hey Girl” approach! It’s a classroom of how to strategically pose and post on social media to create interest and once you get a bite you go in for the kill with a “Hey Girl” message to reel you in. Did I fall for it? Yep… Hook line and sinker!

I gave it a try with my sweaty selfies, clever hashtags and my subtle pics of me and my smoothies! I felt fake, I felt vain and there was no way in good conscience that I could convince anyone to fork out over $120 for a bag of glorified protein powder so my first week as a certified in NOTHING coach was my last!

It also disturbed me being involved in private groups on Facebook where other “coaches” were asking each other advice on what to tell potential customers with their health concerns. This is scary! Just because you pay a fee, become a coach, workout and are handed a group of colorful containers doesn’t certify you to advise anyone on their health concerns! Stop it and leave that to the professionals!

Thankfully that’s over and done with and I’m hanging up my boots on diets period! They have captivated my attention for far too long! Am I throwing caution to the wind and saying goodbye to health? No way because that wouldn’t honor God in the slightest! He informs me that my body is His temple so honoring it and taking care of it is His idea! I will however allow him to guide me in making those better choices while my eyes are glued on him! I believe he is the one who gave me a love for healthy food and I praise him for the strength to workout but I’m no professional and I refuse to play one on social media!

He is the only one who can satisfy this longing soul of mine! There is no shake, no program, no cookie or anything made of chocolate that will ever be able to do that! It’s a win win because he promises to satisfy me with the richest feast and I’m all about a good feast!

Discipline is never fun but it is necessary! He waited patiently until I was dizzy from running in circles to get my attention and I’m so glad he did!

Will you ever see me with a smoothie in my hand again or posting a sweaty selfie? Yes to the smoothie part but I won’t be trying to get you to believe it’s the answer to your problems and no on the sweaty selfie because sweat is not pretty! I’ll be sipping my smoothie because I want to not because I have to and I’ll be exercising thankful that I have that ability!

I think we all know deep down inside the answer to acheving better health and or weight loss we just make it complicated! What’s the secret? Eat better, eat less and move more! There and I gave that to you for FREE!

Soooooo I encourage you to YES… Stick to those goals, eat an apple every now and then, shake that booty but don’t fall for those “Hey Girl/Guy” messages! It’s a trap!!

God reminded me of this verse this morning and I as I sit here and type this a friend of mine posted this on her facebook post…..”Recovery teaches “I’m fine” doesn’t help – surrender does! I gladly throw my pride to the wind and wave my white flag of surrender because this “fitchick” is tired! 

Love, Peas and Pretty Shoes,

Traci 😉